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Hello, hello, hello.

We have returned. As per usual, we have more ideas than time, so our super top secret plans are still under wraps at the moment while we weigh out ambition and ability, as well as start planning out the annual Transgressions contest (can't believe it's that time again; where does it all go?). We do, however, have another month of prompts and PIF features for you to enjoy.

Just a few quick notes:

  • The group has an ongoing pool on angeljunkie's page, if you have a few spare points lying around. All donations will go to purchasing Super Group status and prizes for group events (if you have a preference, specify which when you donate).
  • If you're interested in donating prizes, features or acting as a judge for Transgressions (May), drop the group a note with details of what you're able to donate/do.
  • betwixtthepages and SurrealCachinnation are taking literature commissions to raise points for the group, so get in touch with them if you're interested!
  • Completely unrelated but in the spirit of shameless self-promotion, angeljunkie is currently working on a collaborative project titled Bound by Secrets and is very eager to get volunteers. You'll get a story written just for you out of it, so check out his journal for details.


Option A
Leave a critique/helpful comment on one of these pieces (or one of the others in our Pay It Forward gallery), then note the group with a link to your comment.

Option B
Find a deviation that could use a little more attention and send a link to it to the group via note.

:bulletblue: critiques should include group icon
:bulletblue: each critique and PIF suggestion count as one entry into the PIF RAFFLE (more on that in a minute)
:bulletblue: PIF suggestions should have no more than 10 unique commetns (threads/thank yous don't count)
:bulletblue: suggestions can be any form of art - not just literature

Darling by GentleFaun stay asleep by waashe Dream as if... by AnthonyPresley
My sinI bow at His Throne,
And praise how I love Him so.
I write poetry to infuse words so divine
To show Him that I mean each line.
I rage about sin in a holy confession…
Tick…tock…tick tock…
But my confession is this,
I'm the sinner needing Salvation.
I down talk the other sins,
But mine is the biggest.
For it consumes my very being.
Tick tock…tick tock…
'I love him.' I try to tell God,
Like that would make Him understand.
That He can bypass me and my shame.
I'm fooling only the naïve part of me.
So I roll up this newspaper, pretend…
Pretend like the headlines don't matter.
But its screaming out on the page.
Tick tock…. Tick tock…
I'm a sinner with only One Way out.
I'm an adulterer with only One Way out.
I'm a liar with only One Way out.
I'm a failure with only One Way out.
I'm dead with only One Way to Live.
Christ died on the cross for me,
Bought every single lie I believe.
He was nailed to that wood for my sin.
The whips He endured for
Open Minded Brain SurgeryA flicker of the lights
Caused a prickle in my skin.
Fate firmly grounded,
Time to rid me of my sin.
The scalpel rusty and dull,
But an efficient tool of trade.
A moment of abhorrence
But a moment to quickly fade.
No anaesthetic,
No drugs to hold the rage.
I need to feel the piercing
Of the flesh: my mind's cage.
The groaning and the shrieking
Can't be held back any more.
Let the bad out, my broken one
While they reattach and restore.
Restrained and fading
From the only world I've known.
A life of twisted thinking,
But a life I've called my own.
Doctor, can you hear me?
The pain has almost gone.
Nurses, do you feel it?
The impulse I can't act on.
Sewn shut and ready
To begin a whole new life.
My new world will be bright and pure
My heart can crush the cause of strife.
The First DreamSome time ago, I had my first dream with you. I felt myself fall through time and space, opening my eyes to green, flowing fields stretching across the land. Renegade trees and flowers filled the nearby hills, with majestic mountains standing before me. The universe was layed out upon the heavens above, I was on no part of earth.
A soft stream of air blew my hair across my face; it was long, thick, I saw myself as I was truly born. I felt all of my power; my sword, Darious, lay sheathed next to me. The blade had been drawn from my soul, and forged in the fires of hell. It shone brightly, turning my attention to the sky.
From that moment, every sense, sight, and feeling unfolded as if it were a memory. As I lay there gazing at the stars, I felt the soft, gentle touch of your hand gently glide up my arm. As I turned me head slowly, you lay there beside me with your hair flowing down your slender body, and your soft, ravenblack wings flat beneath you. I rose up, kneeling over you, looking


:bulletblue: open to members and non-members
:bulletblue: must adhere to group submission guidelines
+ group icon and prompt included in description
+ a link to a recent critique you've done on something in the group gallery must be included
:bulletblue: include prompt, group icon, and link to a recent critique in your description
:bulletblue: members submit to featured folder; non-members submit to group favorites
:bulletblue: Deadline is February 28


Create a legend, myth or fairy tale about falling stars.


Write a poem that fits the title "Translation".
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